Our solutions help you overcome constraints delivering construction projects

Let’s put features of it into play to achieve the desired outcome

  • Inspection management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Attendance and time sheets
  • Asset Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Track and Trace

Mobile application to each member of your team

On-line and offline

In case of pure coverage and absence of WiFi, you can use the mobile app offline and upload data later

Multi-platform app

Mobile application for Android and iOS platforms 

Easy to use

The app is user-friendly. You can start to use it without enormous training

Bring Your Own Device

You don’t need to invest in any equipment for your staff. Your employees may use own smartphones

How does it work

  1. A back office employee creates delivery assignments, quality control and daily reporting.
  2. An employee receives a push notification and downloads tasks to the smartphone.
  3. A driver performs pre-start and post-trip checks of a vehicle following to the step-by-step quince of the mobile application. The system tracks locations of the driver.
  4. An employee fills in daily project progress and quality audit reports and uploads it to the server.
  5. A person responsible for on-site asset tracking records asset/ material usage in the mobile application.
  6. A driver fixes gasoline replenishment in the mobile application, recording expenses, mileage and scanning bills.
  7. Various reports are available through WEB access. Existing office systems and BI might be integrated into the platform by API. The system provides timesheet of employees, vehicle management reports, assets tracking, project progress and quality audit reports.