Take your field operations to the next level, putting features of our planform into play.

Scheduling and dispatching

A task might be scheduled to a dedicated user or in-pool: the first pickups it, the first gets it. The platform provides flexibility to re-schedule an assignment and to decline it by a user.

Workforce visibility

The system allows tracking locations of users while the mobile application is not closed at the smartphone. Back office users with an appropriate role have access to the archive of users' locatons.

Time sheets

Time sheets of mobile users are at your disposal to track attendance and workload of in-house and third parties employees.

KPI tracking and benchmarking

Various KPIs facilitate transparent assessment of achieved results and foster accountability of staff. Benchmarking users'  KPIs promotes the best practices and lifts up efficiency consequently.

Real time reporting

Online reporting provides you with birds view of the situation on the floor and prevents mistakes/fraud.


Bring-Your-Own-Device approach provides an opportunity to install the applications on smartphones of employees of your company  (iOs and Android). So, there is no capital expenditure to get access to the service.

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