The Ecosystem


A back office employee schedules assignments. Assignments might be created in real time for specified field force or in bulk in advance.


Employees download assignments to smartphones.

Following a step-by-step assignments, an employee completes a task. It's possible to complete a test off-line.


Reports are available by WEB access. Existing office systems might be integrated to the platform.

The platform is very flexible in creating workflows that suit existing business procedures. There are plenty features at your disposal to increase efficiency of workforce:

  • conditional logic;
  • deadline checking;
  • Geo-fencing;
  • location verification;
  • flexible assignments to a dedicated employee, a group, or a first available one at the moment.

The mobile application provides detailed information about tasks available for the user as a list or visualised on the map.

Format of information about tasks might be configured according to customer preferences:

  • Scheduled deadlines (start and finish time) and expected duration to compete a task;
  • Location / Address / Site ID / Name of location & etc;
  • Type of assignment: dedicated to the user / to the group/ first one available at the moment.

As an user proceeds according to he predefined workflow, following step-by-step instructions, the mobile application verifies current variables against the targeted ones.

In case of the discrepancy between current and targeted variables, the system provides warning instructions.

If the workflow requires the strict compliance of deadlines/ locations/ date/ time, the mobile application prevent access to next steps of the assignment.

The platform ensures accurate reporting and data collection, preventing human mistakes and fraud by step-by-step guidance according to the workflow.

The system provides various reporting features: text, data, date, time GPS data, images from smartphones' camera, and audio recording.

As an assignment has been downloaded to the smartphone, a user is free to proceed further either in on-line or off-line mode.

A completed report might be uploaded to the server immediately or saved locally and delivered at a later time.