Scheduling and dispatching

Assignments for field force easily planned in advance and might be re-scheduled later.

Paper free reporting and digital archive

Reports are stored at a cloud and ready to provide you required data. You can download reports at your convenience.

Time sheets and attenddance control

As every activity has date/ time mark, there are plenty options to form time-sheets, calculate travel time and duration of each assignment.

KPI tracking and benchmarking

Track KPI of your field force.

Workforce visibility and location tracking

Check location of every employee in field.


There is no investment in end user equipment. Utilise smartphones of your employees.

The platform provides immense reporting capabilities

GPS data

Any activity of mobile app is ambedded with GPS mark

Select from the list

Predefined libraries make ease reporting

Audio recording

Various audio recordings are available to suite business requirements

Date / Time

Any activity of mobile app is ambedded with Date / Time mark

Photo camera

Capture required scenes by smartphoe camera

Background audio recording

An useful option to implement mystery shopper like concept

Text and data

Collect text / data information according to the predifined structure

Barcode scanner

Scanner feature drasticaly impoves productivity and accuracy of reporting

Select location on map

In case of no address data available, users can report location selecting on the map

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Lift up productivity of field force up to
Reduce transport, travel and accommodation expenses by
Achieve data accuracy and complience to business procedures